Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Year's Resolution is to not wait a month to update my blog!!
I will start out with Thanksgiving. Dave's Mom and Eldon came to visit before Thanksgiving and worked their tails off trying to get us all ready to go to the Fall Classic. Our truck has never looked so clean ( Thanks Eldie!) We had Thanksgiving dinner outside at the Fairgrounds with the McConathy's and had a great time. The next day was showtime for Tyler and boy did he have a lot of fans! Jen and Wayne came down from Argyle and Putt and Jill from Montana to watch the T-Man.

Tyler did great and we were sad to see Nancy & Eldon go back to Nebraska. December flew by and we had Tyler & Mason's Christmas skits. Mason was Santa Clause and Tyler was a camel. It was great. I will try to post the video next time. We went to Schlitterbahn and went Ice Skating. It was really fun. My cousin got married on Dec. 20th so we headed to Boerne and then to the Frio where we have the annual Thompson Chritmsas. They had loads of fun with their cousins, aunts and uncles. LaserTag was a favorite this year as well as looking for arrowheads.. We came home on the 24th only to wake up to all the goodies Santa brought.. the boys have played for hours with their playmobil toys.. Now I'm into writing my New Year's to do lists which I will probably spend a week doing instead of actually doing something.. So wish me luck!
Happy New Year to everybody!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November is flying by!!

Things have been busy at the Allan house. All fun!!! We came home and changed into our Halloween outfits- Tyler was Alfalfa and Mason was Spanky and Annie the Dog was " Petey" . They were so cute. I took them up to Stevie's to take pictures and Annie got loose. It nearly looked like the Little rascals show with me and the boys chasing Annie around the shop and parking lot. We went to the First Baptist Church here in Town and they have a great fall festival where we met all of our friends for games,etc. and then went to eat pizza. The high school football game was going on so many people weren't giving out candy but we found plenty!!! The next day we had a baseball party for a little boy at Mason's school and his cousins are Texas A&M baseball players so he played baseball Sunday afternoon and got an autographed baseball. Luke Anders was drafted by the Yankees but he chose to stay at A&M . It will be fun to see what his future will be. Tuesday Mason got to go to the corn maize not far from here for a field trip. It is such a cute place- duck races, big slide, butterfly catching etc.. We had a wedding shower for my cousin Kristin on Saturday and we had lots of family at Mom's house in Georgetown and I got to see our newest cousing Zach. He is adorable. The boys had a blast playing football with everybody.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is our Saint's outfits that we wore to school. St. George and St. Francis. Tyler had to give a report on St. George in class today and was very excited. We will change into our other costumes for tonight!!